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The best heating and cooling specialists in Honeoye Falls

Summer months are meant to be spent enjoying the sun, not sulking in front of your kitchen fridge for some cool air. Our heating and cooling specialists have extensive experience in providing friendly service that is efficient and reliable to ensure superior air flow and offer a little summer heat relief. So don't dread the sunny season, give us a call and let our experts bring you quality comfort control today.

The coolest air conditioning solutions

Choosing the right air conditioning system for your home, building or workspace isn't always easy. Rivard Heating & Cooling understands that different spaces have different needs and we promise to provide customized solutions that fit your environment and your budget. Our reliable and easy to operate air conditioning systems include programmable thermostats that provide superior air flow, flexible options and a longer operating life. 
Heating and cooling specialist repairing the air conditioner in Honeoye Falls, NY

Top-notch heating for your home or office 

Replacing an older system with a high-efficiency one can save you thousands in fuel costs. Our programmable thermostats ensure energy saving as well as the comfort of consistently optimal temperatures, and our high-tech sound absorbing materials guarantee your heating system will be felt but not heard. 

Quality ventilation systems 

We strive to improve indoor air quality because air matters. Americans spend the majority of their day indoors. Rivard Heating & Cooling strives to provide the best ventilation systems so that when you breathe indoor air you breathe fresh air. Call us for a free estimate today. 

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